Saying goodbye to my long hair – going for the chop

On the weekend I decided to do something I’ve been thinking about for ages – I got a haircut! Okay – that doesn’t sound that exciting, but it wasn’t just any old hair cut, I completely restyled my hair and got half of it chopped off.


I was so nervous sitting in the chair! 


I started to think about taking the plunge and getting it cut when when I saw Kim Kardashian’s short do, it looks amazing! Even though her hair is a wig (take a look here).


I had a ton of other reasons for wanting to chop off my hair – not just after seeing how good Kim looked with a short hairdo. I used to DREAD washing my hair, just because of how long the process was, then havingto dry it as well – it just took up SO much time. It also dawned on me that I never actually wore my hair down, apart from when I went out to bars and clubs on the weekend, and in the week my hair would be scraped back into a tight bun. I then realised this was probably contributing to my excessive hair falling out and also my unbearable headaches.




As you can see from the picture above, it is a massive difference!!! I thought I would be panicking and regretting it by now, but instead I feel relieved and so happy with my decision. My long thick Indian hair had become a burden and I am so glad to see the back of it.


I’M SO HAPPY!!! Finally I can wear my hair down easily and not have to worry about taking all day to style it.

If you’re thinking about chopping off your hair – definitely take the time to consider your decision. If you wear your hair down all the time, you may regret cutting it all off, but if you’re like me and only wore it down on occasions, then you probably aren’t going to miss it that much.

Have you recently gone for a new look? Comment below 🙂








Blogging: the first week

Last week when I created this new blog, I was really eager to write tons of new posts all the time and be posting new content every day. A week later and I’ve realised that it takes a lot of time and dedication to create quality posts and be uploading on a regular basis – life can kinda get in the way, am I right?! I constantly have new ideas for blog posts which I end up scribbling down at work (my keyboard is now lost under a sea of post its), but often find myself with no time to start writing them.So after my first week of having this new blog, I’ve learned there’s a few things I’m going to have to stick to in order keep this blog going.

blog schedule and routine

  1. Carry a teeny tiny notebook at ALL times

    In a world where most of our work is online, it may seem strange that I’m suggesting the old-fashioned way of making notes. With apps like Evernote making it really easy to keep your online notes organised, it definitely is useful having all your thoughts in the cloud somewhere (and I definitely recommend typing up blog drafts and ideas on a regular basis). But sometimes you have thoughts and ideas that you JUST have to write out. You need to express thought processes with lists, arrows and lines – a pen and paper is sometimes the only  way to do it.

  2. Take pictures 24/7, everywhere you go

    Okay – so not 24/7. There’s probably no need to be snapping 101 pictures in your lectures, but if you’re doing something exciting on the weekend, chances are you’re probably gonna write and blog about it the following week. So take pictures! Readers love visual posts. It will make your life a lot easier when you’re writing up your event/party/haul if you’ve got some snaps from whatever you were up to. Your blog posts will be more exciting and people will be more inclined to read them.

  3. Make a blog schedule

    Once a week, take some time to plan what you’re gonna write about, when you’re gonna write about it, and when you’re gonna post it. It may seem a boring task, but most successful bloggers have a routine, and their readers know when their posts will be up, so it’s worth sticking to a consistent schedule e.g. plan on Saturdays, write posts on Sundays, and post on Tuesdays and Fridays.

These are only a few (probably very obvious) blogging ideas that I’ve had during my first week of blogging, but it’s been helpful for me to write them all down, and hopefully it can be of help to someone else 🙂

Have you just started a blog? Are you finding it hard to get into a routine? Tell me in the comments!




My first post about getting fit and losing weight

Since I decided to change my blog into more of a lifestyle blog to include bits and bobs about my personal life, I think it’s only fitting that I blog about something that’s taking up a lot of my time these days, and a lot of my thinking time!

I’ve never been 100% happy with my weight or how I look but as a teenager going to the gym and healthy eating is never really a priority, and it especially wasn’t for me. I suffered with ill health a lot through secondary school and had to drop a lot of lessons, at one point I wasn’t even doing PE at school. So I was never really that focused on fitness, even though I knew I was bigger than I should’ve been and I wasn’t eating the right foods.


One of my first transformation pictures

The first turning point for me was when I went on holiday to Kavos with my friends in August 2015 and I didn’t take any body pictures because I felt that uncomfortable. I still had an amazing time and loved every second, but deep down I didn’t want any body pictures of me taken and I knew I had to start doing something about my weight. However, straight after Kavos I started my first year of uni which inevitably made me put on even MORE weight (I blame the 90p vodka mixers at Corp on a Wednesday).

UNI sept-late oct 050


It’s only these past few months in which I’ve really made an effort to go to the gym and watch what I’m eating, and I can definitely say it’s changed me for the better. I go to the gym four times a week and I’ve cut out all the crap I used to eat (e.g. crisps for dinner at uni!)

Once I noticed a positive change in my body, I think that’s when the penny dropped. It’s like something clicked in my brain and I suddenly realised that ‘oh yeah, exercise + healthy eating = weight loss’. I definitely think it’s a mental change as well as a physical, as I’ve started to care what I’m putting into my body and what is good for me and what isn’t. I genuinely enjoy going to the gym, I look forward to it every day after being sat in an office all day.

CBBFC3E8-19C5-4A90-9AC0-513E17F03383 (Edited).jpg

This is only a short post introducing my journey through weightloss and fitness, but I’m definitely going to be blogging about what type of exercise I do and what I’ve been eating, and I really have to shout out Pure Gym Sheffield North. I joined Pure because it was close to work, but the instructors and people at the gym have really made it enjoyable and I truly think that’s one of the biggest factors contributing to me actually sticking to a routine and going to regular classes. I’ve been to a few different gym classes but the instructors at Pure Sheffield North truly make the gym. The atmosphere in classes is AMAZING and I have enjoyed every single one so far!

Are you on a journey to lose weight? Have you found a great gym too? Let me know:)




Changing my blog

My job at the moment involves lots of looking into bloggers and their sites, and it’s definitely inspired me to have a think about what I want to get out of my blog. I originally created this blog as a way increase my knowledge of the blogging world and to further my career prospects by having an online presence in the form of a PR blog, but now I’m definitely thinking about changing my blog into more of a lifestyle blog including bits about work, fashion, uni etc.

Since reading through MANY blogs (which is one of the best parts of my new job), I’ve been researching into blogging for beginners and how to create a successful blog. FYI – I have discovered a love for Pinterest, follow me! There’s tons of useful content about how to set up a new blog and get the most out of it.

Most of the articles mention buying a domain, which is first on my list. seems the easiest. The articles also mention the design of your blog, so I’m going to have to learn more about themes and coding, which I feel is really overwhelming as I know NOTHING about it! Any tips?! I honestly have no clue about creating themes/pages/anything tbh so this is really going to be a learning curve for me in terms of design. At work I do a lot of blogging for the company but our wordpress site is created by an agency and we have a lot of help in terms of SEO and design etc, so I haven’t learnt much about the actual creation of a site. I’m really excited to learn more, even though it’s quite daunting!

Have you recently had an upheaval of your blog? Do you have any tips about coding and themes? Let me know in the comments!




Adjusting to life at the office

So it’s been a while since I uploaded a blog post…I feel so bad for neglecting my blog!

Since I finished my first year of uni in April, I’ve had a crazy few months and it’s been a real adjustment period. First, I got the amazing opportunity to be a Social Media Volunteer for Oxfam. It’s really cool to be working on the @OxfamFashion twitter account with some amazing people, I’m learning LOADS and loving every second. However, I’ve had to take a more backseat role with my oxfam work because *drum roll please* I got a full time job as a Marketing Assistant! HOORAY!


So I did some work experience in my Easter break at a gluten free company in their marketing department, who produce gluten free products ranging from baking mixes to breakfast cereals. I loved my week there, and I really got a feel for in house marketing/social media.

Summer rolls around, and I get the opportunity to go back to the company working full time (paid!!!!) as a Marketing Assistant for a few months until I start back at uni. I couldn’t believe my luck!

So that’s my reasoning for neglecting my blog, I moved back to Sheffield and started a new exciting job which has been taking up all my energy. One thing I’ve really struggled with is the adjustment to the hours. Monday – Friday 9-5.30 is HARD. My parents laugh at me when I complain, but I think going from my first year at uni (basically a holiday, right?) to full time office work is really difficult. I don’t think I ever set an alarm as early as 6.30am the whole of my first year. Now I’m out 5 days a week, 10 hours a day and it’s a real challenge adapting to the difference in free time.

GAH – I probably sound like a right wimp. But it honestly has been a real eye opener. when do you go shopping? when do you book doctors and dentist appointments? when do you go to the gym? friends? family? Changing my sleeping pattern was hilarious – no more 5am Netflix sessions.

Adjusting to office life is another thing I feel the need to write about. Working in retail jobs is great for time management and team building, but working in an office you have to learn how to priotitise tasks, email/phone/office etiqutte, complete projects independently, and i think having not worked in an office before it’s a real learning curve to work on these skills.

This post all seems a bit negative! I am LOVING my job (not just the gluten-free treats we get in the office ;))


One of the many office treats!

I’m learning so much about marketing, copy writing, social media, blogging, newsletters, graphic design, advertising, customer care, product development, admin, and so much more.


Have you done any work experience this summer? Are you interested in marketing? Let me know in the comments!



One reason I’m glad I chose PR

I hate to be that annoying person, but when my uni friends are complaining about their assignments, I can never fully emphasise. The normal stress of meeting the deadlines- definitely! But boring essays? Not on a PR course.
The majority of my assignments over this past year of uni have been so interesting and I’ve genuinely have enjoyed writing them. Choosing Public Relations as my undergraduate degree has meant that my assignments are practical and are relevant to the work place. They’re preparing me for the industry I want to enter, and I’m grateful the assignments are actually going to be useful in the future.

Here are a few examples of my past assignments this year-

-To create a concept map of the historical development of public relations
– compare and contrast the historical development of PR in the USA and UK (essay)

– create a campaign plan

-write a press release

-create a live blog with regular posts

-writing a report on the media industry

-group presentation researching an element of PR

-video and audio portfolio

I’m so glad I chose PR as my degree, as these assignments are relevant to my future career and are helping bit by bit!

(Sorry for the delay of posting- moving home for summer, starting a new job, and starting my new volunteer role at Oxfam has been so busy!)

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Esther 🙂

Big News…

As my first year of university is nearly over (I can’t believe it either!), a few weeks ago I began to think about how best to spend my 5 months of summer. With such a long time off I knew I had to make the most of my time.

Because the student loan system is rubbish, I get the minimum amount possible (just over 3k) so working this summer to help pay my rent (just over 5k) is a must. I’m extremely lucky that my workplace have managed to transfer me back to my hometown on a good contract until term starts again in September, yippee!

However with having such a long time off uni, I knew that I had to take advantage of this time and get some experience and volunteer in areas that are relevant to my degree. So I looked for opportunities online and applied to be a Social Media Volunteer for Oxfam, within their Oxfam fashion department and their online shop. The job role looked so interesting, with the focus being on the Oxfam Fashion Twitter page, which has amassed a huge following and is making waves in the fashion world. So I applied online and guess what…

I got offered the role! 

I’m absolutely over the moon, especially because the role looked incredibly interesting to me and the key responsibilities seem like tasks I would thoroughly enjoy. Hopefully I’ll be starting within the next few weeks after my induction at the Oxfam house, and I’ll definitely be blogging about it. I can’t wait to be a part of the Oxfam Fashion Social Team!

In the mean time, check out the Oxfam Fashion Twitter page, the online shop, and their website.

Comment if you have any volunteering experience, if you’re applying for any opportunities or you have any advice for me!

Esther 🙂